Monday, November 26, 2007

So what have I been doing for more than three weeks (since my last post)?
I've been making some bad decisions, regretting actions, contemplating my life (and where it's going).
Toss in a battle with the cold bug and a legitimate inflamed disc in my back - not the best month.

But this evening I was met by news that literally threw me into such a great mood I didn't know how to react.

Lebowski Fest, for the first time, is coming to Chicago. It will mark the official 10 year release of the film.

For as long as I've known about Lebowski Fest (5+ years) I've been wanting to go to it. And for various reasons I was ready for this year to be my first. This was going to entail a trip to Louisville, which of course has been trumped by today's news.

Also, as long as I'm on the topic, let me go on the record saying that I saw The Big Lebowski in the theatre. Not many people can claim that. However, I ride no high horse on that fact - I love the new-cult status.

Get out your ACHIEVER shirt!

Take'er easy... if ya can.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Latest Stranger to Earn my Envy

There is a bad movie called The Fountain.
However, there is a wonderfully brilliant song playing throughout it's climax.
I instantly bought the song, and soon became rather obsessed.
This may not be news to you.

Which brings me to Lennon Aldort.
I don't know this kid, and don't really want to meet him.
But he's a talent. He's a kid that just set up his camera and went to work: