Thursday, April 19, 2012

Before you cut my hair, how do you spell your name?

Hat Hair
Earlier this afternoon, as most days when I decide I need to go to my barber for a haircut, I quickly called the shop to make sure Roy would be there until 6 o'clock (the usual closing time). The place is located closer to my parents' house - it's usually a time crunch for me to get there in time and he is kind enough to not lock me out when I need his services. There aren't any appointments in a place like this, and I typically have to wait behind one or two customers who arrived earlier.

I walked in and noticed someone was already in his chair - and I plopped down in a waiting area chair more than content to wait. Less than an hour earlier I had walked out the door for the last time that I had been walking into for seven years and was exhausted mentally and emotionally. My hair accurately reflected my state  - my new job at a new company starts Monday and new coworkers might not be as accepting of my "crazy hair" that is a regular result of a stressful workday.

My first words to Roy... "Big day."
Midway though my reveal of my employment change, my entire train of thought was derailed - I noticed a note pinned to the other side of the wall:


Roy has diabetes. He's had it for about seven years. I didn't know these two facts before tonight. Suddenly my nervousness and worry about my future felt very small and petty. Roy's health had started to become a larger concern, and he wants to travel with his wife while his kidneys won't make it too cumbersome. The chapter of my life spanning the past seven years - unquestionably the best seven years of my life - were at an official end. But that same time my trusted barber has not had as great of luck. In addition to another superior haircut, I received a much needed shampoo of perspective (please pardon the horrid pun-metaphor).

Exactly one month from this new haircut Roy will leave me a barber widow. Chances are high that I'll make my way back in there just for one last cut while I search for another barber.

A quick rundown of the barbers who have cut my hair successfully on multiple occasions:
Don (different guy)

A quick run down of the barbers who have been horrible:

The trend is clear. I need a barber that has a 3 letter name. This is non-negotiable.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What do I wish for this year's Postapalooza?

This year, I'm not going to Grant Park for Lollapalooza.
Actually, I've never gone...

A few months ago, when Bj√∂rk and Radiohead were rumored headliners, I was all set to break the seal. More recently, when the rumors were all but verified that both won't be at Lolla, my non-attendance was solidified.  And thankfully Radiohead announced their own separate show - and I got tickets - so you can close the book on that chapter.

Without really wanting to see the big names at the end of the day at Lolla, I can't justify spending that amount and enduring the entire day(s). At best, I'd see a third of the acts - and it's not like any Lolla act won't be coming back to Chicago any time soon.

Two years ago I went to an official Lolla Aftershow - Cut Copy at Metro (here's my review of their Postapalooza performance) - and it was amazing.  The announcements of those "Postapalooza" after shows is what I'll be focused on now, hoping there won't be time conflicts and sellouts blocking me.  With yesterday's news of the official Lolla lineup, and today's news of Spotify playlists now available to embed in blogs: here's my personal Lolla Aftershow Wishlist