Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Updates Galore: What's being seen, heard and read

First and least importantly, I got a hair cut.

I really should have written something soon after posting the maniacal hair picture. That's been at the top of this place for way too long.

Last night I watched the film Once.

Do yourself a favor and rent this movie. Watch it with open ears. It reminded me of the simplicity of Waitress which allows for any complexity to appear in your mind. this film stripped bare leaving just the characters for you to witness.

The names of these characters as they appear in the credits are "guy" and "girl."

The movie feels like a documentary. Long shots with a small camera and an overall feeling of naturalness.

More importantly, the music is amazing. How did it affect me? I instantly ran to MySpace to search out its music. I pieced it all together through three sites:
Official Movie MySpace Page
Official Soundtrack MySpace Page
Official Swell Season MySpace Page

I don't want to say too much about Once. It will make you either a)hop a plane for Dublin; b)pick up a guitar (even if you don't know how to play); c)start writing music; d) all of the above.

Today I went to Barnes & Noble with a $10 gift card burning a hole in my pocket. The DVD was $30! (A little steep, even for the B&N game). This movie has since rocketed up to my 1 wish list for a birthday gift.

I didn't use the card for a book, because MySister thankfully got me what book I wanted for Christmas:

Really looking forward to 2008. More on that later.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hair, Hope and a Hat

We all enjoy the simple things in life.
I'm planning on experiencing one soon.
Most people don't like getting their hair cut.
Fear of a bad 'do,
Awkward barbers,
The overall inconvenience it may cause in one's schedule.

But I like it, and I really need it.

Ya know it's bad when I have to lean back Fat Joe Style to get all follicles in frame.
Most know that I sometimes play a very odd Samson flavored game of chicken with my hair.
One part denial,
Two parts frugality,
Fill the glass with an overall surrender to its mass.

I usually play cards wearing a visor, and if I can get an out of control head-mane thrusting to the heavens as I play, all the better.
I like to present the appearance of an out of control player, which can hide my new conservative strategy.

I had seven coworkers over to my Condo on Friday for a night of cards. I've been wanting a Work-themed poker tournament for over a year.
It was successful,
The place was clean,
Pizza was enjoyed,
There will be more to come.

Also on the horizon: a potential work snow day, which has happened before.
A link to an older post

The word came down to us from Mount HR just before 4 o'clock. It was to alert us that we MIGHT have the building closed tomorrow. But that is not the part of that announcement that made me happy. The actual mass e-mail was titled, "Dress Down Day." The following is an exact quote - may God have mercy on my copy and pasting soul:

"Due to this possibility we have relaxed the normal casual dress policy to include jeans and other appropriate weather wear."

Although one day too late if you ask me, I had to have my dress pants ice bathed this morning as I scraped days of ice onto them from my windshield, it's still great news. I joked to my coworkers that I have the ultimate in appropriate weather wear. It's a hat given to me two Christmases ago:

I love wearing this hat.
Nobody loves being seen with me while wearing it.
It causes a scene.
The size of it, especially when raised six feet and three inches above the ground, has it's own inertia.
It gets noticed, it is a big deal.

That hat is one of the few articles of clothing/attire that is post worthy. I've wanted to share this hat with the world - and am using tomorrow's dress down day as my opportunity.

Wearing this hat has also made it impossible for me to have any order to my hair during the workday. Already a mess to begin with, the hat does as good a job restoring order as an overextended military presence in an unwanted foreign land.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I want Keri Russell to make me a pie.

The following is my review of the 2007 movie Waitress.
Please note that I am, and have been, a fan of Keri Russell (the leading actress of Waitress) since we were both Freshman.

Now I understand that Keri wasn't really a freshman, but the character she played on the underrated TV series Felicity was trying to adjust to college life at the the same time as I.
I've been in awe of her for over 9 years now.

The following are mini-reviews of Waitress, which I all believe to be correct.

*Keri Russell plays a waitress who loves to make pies. She is a quirky character working with more quirky waitresses. They also love to make pies, but all know they can't make them half as good. They struggle with their lives, customers, and finding the next great pie recipe. Although set in contemporary times, this is a throwback story to a classic era of Americana.

*Keri Russell plays a waitress who is only at peace when making pies. However, she doesn't let that get in her way of her life - which is filled with zany southern characters including a new to town doctor, a older horny waitress, and even Andy Griffith (who plays a grumpy old man customer who also owns a pie diner). Although with its serious moments, this is a charming comedy that will make you want to eat a pie.

*Keri Russell plays a waitress at a crossroads. One of the darkest character studies you'll see, don't let the warm lighting and southern hospitality fool you. Domestic violence takes on a new shape in Jeremy Sisto, who will make you think his character may be more common than we want to believe in America. With every moment the of the story's progression, you will hate him more and more. Although rated PG-13, this is a movie that sheds painful light on what it feels like to be poor, trapped, pregnant, scared and with perpetually diminishing hope.

*Keri Russell plays a waitress who takes a bold stance. Yes, she is pregnant - but no - she is not happy about it. As one who refuses to blindly accept a new pregnancy as the greatest thing that could ever happen, she is not afraid to admit or view her sudden immanent fear of her future. Reaching out to cope in ways she's always have (making pies) and ways she never thought she could (falling in love with her doctor), she ultimately finds her path. A path that that includes pies and redemption.

Waitress is one of the best made movies I have seen in a while. My high acclaim for it lies completely (well, the non-Russell crush aspects) in its ability to have the amount of depth to make all four views of the film exist in my mind. If only one of these views were true, I may have pressed "eject" well before the end credits.

I don't think this is a movie everyone will enjoy. Obviously, most will write this off as a part of my Keri Russell is amazing agenda, and not have anywhere near the deep view of the story. But give it a chance. It's worth seeing.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rhymes with Laid: Paying for it with not just money, but pride.

Every weekend I "pick up the place" to make sure it's "guy clean" for all my friends for Sunday Bear game viewings. Sadly, I've come to the terms that "picking up the place" will never get it "clean." I honestly don't believe I'm a slob, and hope my friends don't consider my place "dirty." Hopefully, my friends are secure enough in my feelings to tell me if it was the case. Although, I can see how something simple as, "Dude, your floor is real dusty" will be difficult to say without appearing as an insulting guest or a dainty fancy boy.

My Mom was over at my condo about a month ago. She was visibly uncomfortable - Actually leaving while saying, "I'm going to leave now so you have more time to clean." The last few times that I've been at my Parents Place (where the floorboards are only something to literally look down at) my Mom has continued her cleaning-based inquisition. Going as far as to state the overall value of the property is at stake.

This somewhat humors my Father. My reactions, his wife's campaign and potentially the spark of memories of his bachelor past.

A growing number of coworkers have been wanting me to host a card night. I've been keeping them at bay because of my recently attacked confidence over this entire issue.

Earlier today (actually yesterday as I write this after 2 am the next day - this is just one issue in a large litany of insomnia-causing ordeals) I called the calvary.

Well, Maid Brigade to be exact:
These people look legit, and also damn expensive. Might as well get it done right. I don't care as much that I know I'm paying extra for bullshit reasons such as that they're green clean certified. I just feel shame in that there's me, without pets, without anybody else, without even a kitchen large enough to cook in (let alone get dirty) calling for help.

Look how freakin' peaceful this lady looks! I want to attain this level of self-actualization though a clean condo.

When quoting me today, they wanted to know if I wanted a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly rate quote. They wanted to schedule their SECOND trip out.

Whoa buddy, slow your roll Paid Maid Brigade - let's see how this thing works out. Just want it clean for the holiday season so I can have some family friends over for dinner and co-workers for cards. If the Rotary Club starts renting out my living room I'll get back to you.

Lord save me, you're obviously not cleaning.