Sunday, October 28, 2007


As probably only a few of you know, I was in a tuxedo for the majority of Saturday October 13, 2007.
This does not happen often. I'm well known for my love of causal clothing, and the mother of the groom (for which I wore said Tuxedo) was on record years ago saying that I wouldn't be able to stand up in the wedding due to my aversion to formality.

She underestimated my level of friendship. I consider Tamara and Skip two of my closest friends.
I would have worn a halloween costume if they have asked.
(Bonus Halloween note: I have worn exactly one Halloween costume in the last 15 years, going to exactly one costume party - and it was on the insistence of these two)

Unfortunately for my handful of readers, my propensity for getting into story making adventures did not yield any out of the ordinary (and thus blog worthy) results. All I have to show are pictures of me in a tuxedo. (Yes, there were emotional moments occurring in my psyche, but I will spare outsiders of overtly sappy love of love viewpoints here)

It was a rather large wedding party.
Five people stood up on each side with a sixth junior groomsman and junior bridesmaid.

Very soon after the "rosters" were established, and I realized who I would be escorting up and down various aisles and in and out of vehicles and banquet halls - I thanked Skip.

Here are a couple more shots of the two of us. The only word in my vocabulary to describe the amount of pictures she took is "copious."

Very few moments have the ability to render me speechless. I'm usually able to blunt out at least a bad pun... But Saturday October 13, 2007 was one of those days. I was honored to be involved.

Once again, congratulations Skip & Tamara:

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