Friday, November 14, 2008

Volleyball Ranting Backlash (a teammate's response)

For the first time in "View de TQ" history, a posting motivated another to blog a retort. I could not be more pleased. Here is the response, in it's unedited entirety. Also, for the record, I don't disagree with anything he said:

Response to a Certain Blogger!

This is to answer to a certain person's blog about Co Rec. Volleyball!

Here are all of the points that I must contest....

1- She was not just yelling at him, She was yelling at everyone.
2- He is not one of the better servers for this reason- you are only good in rec league if you get your serves over. He doesn't
3- His serve is not a topspin serve because by his definition it should drop sharply over the net, which i have NEVER seen happen on his serve. Call it what you want, its crap.
4- No natural talent
5- He got cut b/c he su cks
6- He didn't appreciate being yelled at, then he should make so many DUMB, careless, lazy mistakes. I don't appreciate missed serves.
7- The man showing up to a softball game under the influence of alcohol???? (WTF), I take great offense to that because he paints it like"this man" is the only one that does that when in fact at least 1/2 the team does that...isn't that the point????
8- He's not trying to land a spot on the London 2012 team, well thats obvious. Neither am I but I come to VB to play not to try out serves that I can't execute
9- He plays the sport for fun....PULEEEZE, lets face it, "sports fans" losing is not fun.
10- She was not attacking anyone, and definately not venomously. She was stating a fact. We gave the other team 10 free points on missed serves. Missed serves lose games. Are these not facts?
11- Lack of concentration caused his missed "serve" (Singular?? What about the other 5?)
12- Yelling out of frustration, doesn't necessasarily coincide with "aggressiveness." she was sitting on the bleachers trying to catch her breath, don't see how that could be interpretted as aggressive.
13- Serious about the league? I thought he was playing b/c it was fun....hmmmm
14- 12 year old jump serve probably isn't any worse than the lazy claimed "top spin serve" Maybe it would have landed inbounds....
15- There is one thing I can agree on....His attempt at a comeback definatley did not make me feel bad. Not one bit, and still doesn't....

Just a side note. I was yelled at for showing up at the game drunk (for the first time......ok maybe twice). Although Coed sports are for fun it is still very competitive, Mr. Blogger needs to put his purse down and grow some thicker skin.

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