Thursday, December 3, 2009

What are my friend Ryan's songs of the decade?

Q: How much do I love comments?
A: To a level impossible to measure...

So here's the comment my friend Ryan left in response to my "What are my songs of the decade?" post:

So as a 'thank you' for providing that mini list, here are the songs Ryan thinks are worthy of inclusion on his own list.

But first a quick commentary:
By far, the song I like most out of this bunch is the Bon Iver track.
And the song I kinda didn't want to advertise was "Yellow." I know there are a lot of Coldplay haters out there - and I've gotten into many fights with their "shooting fish in a barrell" tactics... But I personally think "Yellow" is an inferior song compared to "Trouble" which is hidden on the same debut album.

"Paper Tiger" by Beck:

"Flume" by Bon Iver:

"Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" by Brand New:

"First Day of my Life" by Bright Eyes:

"Yellow" by Coldplay:

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