Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where am I watching Marquette's NCAA Tournament game?

A folding chair at point blank range in my condo
This picture may be sad looking, but I've chosen to watch today's game alone for a few reasons.

I want to watch and pay very much close attention to the game. It's not as bad as Super Bowl parties where few are watching and some have zero clue what's at stake on a play to play basis. Yes, it's the greatest sports event of the year, but more importantly to me it's my favorite team's game.

Last year MU was a #11 seed - playing with house money - and I wasn't under the public exposure of a potential upset. Now that we have a #3 seed, and expected to win, I don't want my misery on display in a worst case scenario.

Adding on to that last point, I'm a total maniac during games. Yelling profanities and passionately stringing odd words together such as:
"Fast Man Driving Hard Fast Man Driving Hard"
"Go To Work Fat Man"

You might not like me making this scene. You might find my zeal funny, but it won't be to strangers in a bar setting. Last year I know there were people in Vegas rooting against MU because they were getting pissed at my joy.

As far as me coming over to your place to watch the game? I value our friendship too much to put that in jeopardy.


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  1. You did good job. Keep it on with this type of post.