Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Did your Postapalooza dreams come true?

Q: How was the Cut Copy concert?
A: Very Fun (<-understatement) I've mentioned Cut Copy many times, for example:
They are a band I saw first in March 2009. I remember it was a Wednesday night because I chose the show over my usual basketball game. I also remembered wondering if I had expelled more calories at the show from dancing and sweating. I knew exactly what to expect from this show. I wanted to hear my favorite songs from their first album, I wanted to hear songs for the first time from their upcoming second album, and I wanted to hear most of all the single "Sands of Time" that was released in the meantime... It's so beautiful when an act lives up to every single one of your expectations! And I was never in doubt the entire time.

Although some may have objected to the late night start of the show, it worked out great for me. First off, I only worked a half a day (summer hours rule). After a leisurely afternoon nap that was a vital recharge, I was able to watch the season finale of Friday Night Lights before heading to pick up my friend. Left my place around 9:30 PM, Picked up my friend just after 10, strolled into Metro about twenty minutes before the show started. (It actually started early, by the way, at 10:50)

To read the latest example of how good looking, drunk, party girls often distract me and almost ruin every concert I'm at from endless inner monologue and second guessing - please read my other post inspired by that night.

To read a review of the opening act, check out the Dragonette post on Mountie Rock.

Cut Copy finally hit the stage at about 12:10. At that time there were about two people separating me from the front of the stage. From the get-go I was in uber-rare dancing form. Much to the dismay of MySister, it takes a Perfect Storm of situations to get me to dance (especially when I am stone cold, not a drop in me, sober). Nonetheless, I was probably a horrible sight. For certain I was an awful sight after their set was done, when I walked out of that place at 1:30 AN in a shirt drenched in sweat. But I also had a smile a mile wide. For my highlight was how the show ended.

Like I said, I was standing in "the unofficial third row" of standees - but by about the forty minute mark I had made my way to the very front. Only a steel barricade and a short bay for photographers separated me from the act. This was possible as most of the people ahead of me were at Lollapalooza earlier in the day, and have drunk the stamina right out of them. You leave for the bathroom, I step closer (thank you). The last three songs they performed were my three favorite songs I know of theirs. During the break before the encore, which was after "Hearts on Fire (click this YouTube link to get a good sense of what the scene was like!) "but before "Sands of Time" and "Out There On The Ice Again" we chanted Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Also, at one point of this epic three song section of the concert: I literally jumped out of one of my shoes.

In the days following this show, I've been watching random Lolla video uploads (like this one) and both smiling from my memories and already wanting them to return!

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