Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What Are My Favorite 13 IG Photos of '13?

This morning I went to Statigram to download my Instagram stats (h/t to Internet Stranger Sara) to see which of my photos gathered the most Likes. Since I didn't agree with the results, here are my personal 13 favorite IG photos* from 2013.

*All concert-related photos were excluded from rankings

13) #OfficePig

This year my company moved me from Seafood to Pork. We'll see where they move me next year.

12)  Wedding Work
My sister was a Maid of Honor this past summer. She believes this is the most illustrative picture I took that day.

11) #SadBanana
Taken outside my suburban condo. Much was left behind in suburbia this year.

10)  Creative Wrappers
I look forward to showing Jillian (who turned 5) this in the future to see if she will laugh. Odds are: not as much as I did.

9) #HipsterMom
My friend's mom, at one of his Improv shows, completely owning this look. Note: I supplied the PBR.

8)  Inflatable Intrigue
I spend a lot of time at the birthday parties of children nowadays. Moments to capture are always available.

7)  Riding Birdy
My Godson Matthew took me to my first Cardinals game. Luckily he's too young to remember a postseason heartbreak.

6) Chase with Caution
I often use IG to make jokes. The quality is usually suspect.

5) Eight is Not Enough
My Bowling Pin found its way to it's eighth state this year. And many photo collage apps found their way into my phone.

4) Bridge Reflections
A surprising amount of people liked this photo on IG. If I had known, I would've taken more time to frame it better.

3) My New Private Residence
A gigantic moment for me personally.

2) Empty Glass
Can you believe I've had no formal training? Brew Fest should pay me.

1) #MarriageEquality
If I was famous, this image would've been on coffee mugs everywhere. Very proud it got my most likes from strangers.

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