Monday, September 17, 2007

It doesn’t have to be good to be a classic (repost from 2/2/06)

Due to the constant onslaught of friend requests from webcam girls on MySpace, I don't check my "Friend Requests" frequently. Which is why now, past 2 am in my insomniac daze, I am so happy to have added one of my dearest friends Kat(i)e. Her and I were raised in the backyards of Prospect Heights, and she is EASILY the longest non-family member I know.

Obviously, she has been instantly vaulted to Top 8 status.

Apologies to jenN, no offense. The sad thing is that jenN is an avid reader of this unassuming blog and I'm sorry to deal her another crushing loss. Speaking of which, she may not care because she has to come to grips with her beloved Saints starting the year with two losses. It just keeps piling on, doesn't it?

Regardless, the latest addition of Kat(i)e warrants a re-posting - originally posted on Feb. 2, 2006:

Old Fashioned Hamburgers

I was in a Kat(i)e & Dave's wedding party. It was the first wedding in which I had a role. I was an usher.

After we had been verbally assaulted by a very authoritative photographer, "I NEED ALL THE TUXEDOS UP HERE… NOW… OKAY, MOVE – ALL COUSINS UP HERE NOW…" the wedding party crammed into a stretch Lincoln Navigator to take a few outdoor pictures in downtown Arlington Heights near a huge Christmas tree…. Me and a few others wanted to get some photos near a gigantic mechanical perpetually spinning 20 foot tall dradle – but the photographer was NOT in a joking mood.

We were on our way to the reception when I realize that everybody is starving. All of the women have been on some kind of pseudo-dress-fitting-fast and haven't had anything to eat all day… All the men in the limo kept asking each other what time dinner is going to start…. I saw this as an opportunity.

Knowing the route to the reception, I told the driver to stop at Wendy's – me and the brother of the bride get out and walk into a half-filled Wendy's in full tuxedo galore. We get an odd look and I say, "I'll have fifteen cheeseburgers and fifteen fries." The Wendy's girl shoots me a puzzled look and chuckles. I slap a Ulysses (that's a $50 bill for the uninformed) and say smiling, "make it happen."

Ten minuets later I return victoriously to the stretch Navigator limo to a very happy and no longer in jeopardy of passing out from starvation

Soon I hope to get to see the DVD of the event. I missed nearly all of the toasts because I was in charge of getting all the gifts up to the parents' suite and the money envelopes into the safety deposit box…. I wish the videoographer had the ability to splice in Wendy's security camera footage.


Kat(i)e and Dave recently bought their first home in Mundelein. Ironically, it is less than 1,000 yards from Skip and Tamara's first home: a couple who will be married in less than one month. Skip and Tamara's wedding will be the second ceremony in which I have been honored to play a part, this time as a groomsman.

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