Friday, March 28, 2008

A Condo First & A Concert First

I actually prepared a meal and ate it on my dining table less than a half hour ago.
The television was not on, nor was there any music playing.

Sadly, it is rare that I eat a meal in my condo that wasn't just purchased from an outside establishment. More rare is that the dining room table was used for the purpose its designer and manufacturer intended.

It was the third meal of that table, which is more than a year old. MySister, a cousin and a friend (not saying that MySister and cousin aren't friends) ate delivered pizza in January 2007. The second meal, also delivered pizza, was with the great Bernardi family (all 6) four months ago.

Who knows what sparked it; maybe it's the latest in my lazy attempt for maturity.

In other news, I redeemed a Christmas gift from my boss today. The gift was a gift certificate for two lawn tickets for any Live Nation promoted concert. (note: Live Nation pretty much promotes at every single concert amphitheater that has a lawn)

As soon as I got this gift last December, I knew what I wanted: RADIOHEAD.
I've been scanning the world wide internet for Radiohead tour news on a near constant basis for the last four months.

Sadly, my quest appeared to take a step back when Radiohead choose to play Lollapalooza as their "chicago stop." Not only would I not be able to use my gift certificate on Lollapalooza, but also I didn't want to see a set that may be shortened due to the confides of the huge musical event.

Indianapolis here I come! On the first Sunday in August me and a friend (who is also excited) will take the four-or-so-hour drive to just outside the Circle City. That should give us ample time to run through some of their choice albums on the way. Yes, the money saved in the "free" ticket will be lost on gas and parking, but it's worth it.

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