Monday, March 17, 2008

A St. Patrick’s Day Gift for Myself

First things first:
Today is the birthday of the famous "MySister."
This blog dare not speak her name, but can still wish her a very Happy Birthday.

Meanwhile, today I got a gift in the mail:

I won two tickets to The Swell Season (Music from the motion picture film from the theaters Once). I won these tickets on WGN Radio the night of The Oscars. The night the Oscar for Best Original Song was awarded to Once. At the time the award was given, it was the highlight of my night.

That all changed when the post Oscar radio show that I listen to every year announced that there was going to be a giveaway for these tickets. These tickets you see above pictured.

A trivia question from the film was asked. I called in and answered. That simple, that grand. By the way, this was around 1:00 AM.

I’ve only seen one event at the great Chicago Theatre. It was David Copperfield (Illusionist / Magician / former boyfriend of Claudia Schiffer). Say what you will about the man, but seeing him get cut in half by a "Death Saw" eight feet in diameter was as damn kick-ass as anything gets.

I don’t remember where those seats were, but I don’t think they were on the Main Floor, which these above tickets are (proudly proclaiming MNFL3R)!

I quickly looked up a seating chart.

Q: How many days until June 17?
A: Too many.

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