Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Goals

It's been a while since I've unloaded a pile of streaming consciousness:

This summer I hope I can, no, will:
sink a birdie putt
meet Liam
fold top pair
buy concert t-shirts
write a theme song
historize (if that's even a word) with my Father
book vegas
porch read
lust less

You know, it's harder and harder to partake in one of my favorite lazy pastimes: Surfing MySpace Profiles... I've added some new "friends" recently (mainly official band pages as I utilize the stalker like tendency of "Friend Subscriptions") and I spent a nice half hour wandering through a top profile to a top profile... You'll never know what worlds you'll enter... For example, one that boasts the above picture.

The drawback is that you're bound to get thrown off the MySpace surfboard when you hit that PRIVATE PROFILE. To be honest, It's rare that everybody hasn't locked up their profile. You have to think that anybody with a significant other or active resume would privatize faster than the 1980s economy.

Meanwhile, i just completely lost my train of thought... and instead of deleting this entire mess, I'm just posting.


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