Monday, July 14, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation (TQ’s abridged version)

An unabridged version of the following, which is written in a vocabulary and tone more understandable to normal society, will be posted soon.

A very hot 97 degree afternoon in Louisville was the setting for the 7th Annual Lebowski Fest Garden Party. One of the events, which also included the Sheriff of Malibu Coffee Mug Throw, was the Ringer Toss:

This is a picture of me in The Dude's car, about to throw The Ringer (a.k.a. Walter's Undies or "The Whites") at a Nihilist.

The Garden Party lasted well over four hours featuring former Soul Coughing front man Mike Doughty. Before I left the Garden Party for the Bowling Party I got my picture taken with the eventual Best Costume winners:

I spent most of the Bowling Party's four or so hours at a lane with a lovely married couple who were dressed as Smokey and The Jesus. He ended up winning the award for Best Jesus Costume:

And the last nugget I'll mention here is the custom cake that chef Duff made. It was made / filmed for an upcoming episode of Food Network's show "Ace of Cakes:"

The cake was "White Russian" flavored. Believe me when I honestly tell you it was the most delicious cake ever. It was also the most liquor infused cake made I've ever eaten too. Everything you see, besides the wooden table, was edible.

And that's just a small sample of my summer vacation,

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