Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Rounds

Allow me to guide you on a tour of my daily web surfing.

I almost always start here on MySpace.
Check to see if anything's changed (it usually hasn't).
After I've read my the blogs posted by my "friends" and check out any new pictures, I'm off to my band of the moment's page and listen to the same four songs for free as I try to hold out on buying an album. Currently it's Grand National

I'll leave this window open and listen to the music as I continue The Rounds.

Next up, checking out the Springfield Isotopes (my fantasy baseball team).
These guys may not be familiar to you, but I follow their lives as closely as a new Father-to-be watches his newlywed's growing belly:

Off to Lebowskifest! Check what's newly posted on the message boards, maybe post a bit myself, see if they've released this year's Official Fest T-Shirt yet.

I've put IMDB back into the rotation lately.

Which usually reminds me which movies to add to my Net Flix queue, so I stop there next.

And then I visit the worst site of them all (as far as wasted time is concerned)
What I do there deserves it's own blog post.

Sadly, I like to also visit YouTube (which seems to get worse and worse every day)

Then it's back around the loop again.
Change the band on MySpace from Grand National to My Morning Jacket.

Take a closer look at this guy's stats (I think I need to drop him)

More posts to read on the boards.

Back to IMDB, the most useless of my re-visits... But I can't miss another famous death the way I did a few days ago:

Which reminds me to add this movie to my queue:

Oh, you know you gotta check this page again.

Then back again to the web's caboose: YouTube (Nothing else in the top two pages is worth your time to embed - trust me)

And my third lap begins with writing this blog, and the research needed to find it's pictures.
I'll probably keep running laps until I get too fatigued and go to bed.
Good night,

Post Scripts: Honorable mentions to sites I frequent a ton (but not usually daily)
Slate for current events
Stereogum for music radar

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