Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is it a New Era?

Back when I blogged on MySpace I wrote a post titled, "I Am A Golfer Today" (I moved it over to Blogger, but it was originally written on Sunday May 4, 2008).   I'm now in my fourth year of golfing and have made more progress in the four weeks of this young season than I have in the previous three years.  In the spirit of assigning credit where it's unwarranted, I present to you a history of my golfing headwear:

obviously not a golfer (Straw Hat 2008)
I really loved getting my Straw Hat.  I wore that hat for every round of golf in 2008 & 2009.  Yes, it was a joke - as was my game.  But I wasn't trying to make a joke of myself out there - on the golf course.  I've always been a huge fan of activity based haberdashery.  I like to wear a headband during basketball, a cap for softball, visor for poker, and I thought a straw hat for golf.

In 2010 I ditched the Straw Hat.  It had deteriorated to a significant degree, but I no longer wanted to be known as the guy in the straw hat.  Because I feel most comfortable playing cards, I went with the visor route.  My game continued to struggle.

unchecked aggression (Visor 2010)
This past March, in Las Vegas, for the first time I played cards without my usual costume armor of visor / shades / earphones and had the greatest success of my career.  Call it what you will: Being more comfortable and confident / maturing / accumulated experience finally retaining what I've been learning...  The same rules apply to why I decided to ditch the visor for golf as well.

While watching The Masters I noticed an overwhelming majority of the golfers wore caps.  I thought to myself, why not? and picked up one of the finest golf caps money can buy.  I'm not sure what it's called but it's one of those Titleist by New Era Tour Sport Cap Flex Fitted models.  It's the most comfortable hat I've ever had on my head by a huge margin.

Golf Hat 2011
A friend, who had been golfing with me for over 2 years, quickly commented that it looked very odd to see me with clubs in a cap.  I told him that it was a new year and I'm trying something new.

This is also the first golf season when I decided to not sign up for more golf lessons.  And I also won't be buying any more clubs (like how I bought that expensive Driver everybody wants to have two years ago).  But I did splurge for the fancy cap, and I've never had buyers remorse like I've had with every other golf related purchase.

No golf scores will be posted until I only need two digits to type them, however I'm more than happy to share scores verbally when asked.  It's been a very soap operatic relationship: Golf and I, but it's one that's going to continue.

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