Friday, June 3, 2011

What am I [NOT] listening to? [yet]

For those that don't know, I'll be going halfway across the planet in under eight weeks.  I've begun a very important step of the process recently.  Was it getting my malaria pills?  No, I need to stop procrastinating about that...  What I have started is the very important process of podcast hording.  A few recent flight changes have made me more aware of the time I will be spending on planes at the end of July.
fly over states

The first flight to Delhi will take 14 hours, with an additional 4 hour skip to Sri Lanka.  Last weekend MySister (who will be joining me, don't forget) asked me if I was planning on listening to my iPod for the entire voyage.  It's not like MySister and I will need the long flight to get caught up, we talk rather regularly as it is...  That being said, I figure that I'll need at least 30 hours of iPod content.  I also have a few books I have bought for the purpose of plane reading (read: iPod battery death).

According to my iTunes library, I have 17.5 days worth of music.  But I think the time might get killed easier with new content from such podcasts as The Nerdist, Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, Sklarbro Country, WTF with Marc Maron, Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies and of course the always awesome All Songs Considered (among others).

Fun fact - I'll be flying over 14 different nations:
United States
United Kingdom
Sri Lanka

FYI: a flight from Los Angeles to New York flies over 12 States

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