Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why would anybody go halfway around the world?

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The flag of Sri Lanka: an island nation of the coast of India
I am going to Sri Lanka this summer.  More descriptively, my sister and I are going to Negombo, Sri Lanka for the first two weeks of August to restore the classrooms of a school in need.  The construction will include a new roof, screens, doors and a playground.

My parents have had an interesting time updating their friends on the lives of their children.  They have an accomplished teacher daughter who consistently volunteers her free time to help others... and a son that annually voyages to Las Vegas.  Our parents can finally be proud of us both!
(update: my parents have let me know they have always been proud)

I would not have acquired a passport and began planning a trip to the other side of the world if it wasn't for MySister (the preferred anonymity-abiding nomenclature).  She's the best sister one can ask for and I'm looking forward to embarrassing her on another continent - without creating any kind of international incident, for this is a humanitarian trip.
This summer I will be going halfway around the world
Sri Lanka is slightly larger than West Virginia
A venture such as this is completely new territory for yours truly, but something MySister has been doing for close to a decade.  In years past she has jetted off to far away lands (i.e. Costa Rica and Mozambique to only name two for there are more) for multiple organizations (first Habitat for Humanity and now Be The Change Volunteers).  MySister met the founders of BTCV during one of her Habitat for Humanity Global Missions, it is an organization that provides volunteering opportunities benefiting foreign schools.  As a son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend of many teachers - it is why the organization appeals to me.  I have seen many teachers devote more than just a career to improving the lives of children and this summer I am going to step outside my selfish comfort zone to create something tangible for the benefit of children currently unknown to me.  My impact on their lives will hopefully lead to a better learning environment, but I have zero clue how they will affect my future.

This is my opportunity to have an incredible lifetime experience.  This plea to you has been delayed because, although I'm quite the verbose personality, I wasn't sure how to share this with all of you.  Please contact me if you are interested in donating on my behalf.  It is my own responsibility to get there and donate my personal labor.  Knowing me,  you can be safe knowing you'll get your money's worth at the conclusion of this adventure in the form of a story.  Charitable gifts are tax deductable because BTCV is a validated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID# 26-2435157).  Click below where it says "Please contact me" to ask me where to send your charitable donation.

Thank you very much for both your time in reading this message and in advance for whatever you donate... ~TQ
Please contact me if you have any questions.


  1. Good for you! I'll for sure help out & my company will match whatever I donate (unfortunately it probably won't be a ton). Best of luck & I'll get in touch after pay day!

  2. Maureen Quiery2/11/11, 11:57 PM

    Nice! Can't wait to post. Sri Lanka has no idea what they are in for. Can't wait!