Friday, December 12, 2014

TQ's Top 10 IG posts (plus 4 videos) of 2014

Last year I shared my personal Top 13 IG pictures from 2013 and here's to another year of what is becoming my favorite social network:

10) Lone Detective
I loved True Detective, and the beer it featured

9) Social Butterfly
Notes from my Dad's "Internet Class" at the library
8) Hops n' Heels
It's a Schlitz in a shoe

7) Highlight of my day
This is how I amuse myself

6) Bey of Pigs
(see previous caption)

5) Civic Pride
I live in this city

4) Juan Jamón
Representing the entire "Juan Jamón" photo project

3) Bowling Pin
South Carolina was the 9th state to host my Bowling Pin

2) Achieving Friendship
Achievers Kenny (from Georgia) and Shayna (from Tennessee) reconnect at the 13th Annual Lebowski Fest (in Kentucky)

1) Great Parenting
My cousin holding up his daughter for a better view of the first concert of her life

Top 4 Instagram Videos:

This year I tried to get better at the video side of Instagram. Although I hesitate at taking much credit for these when it is just me "paying attention while watching TV" for some of the video captures. I haven't figured out how to embed IG video, but I hope my description is tempting enough to click the links.

4) While just a simple video capture of a display of ebullience on Review, it was great to see that Andy Daly himself was the first to like it!

3) When a sad Georgetown fan was very sad

2) Facebook is awful

1) This Kingpin Detective mashup should have gone viral

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