Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Here are the times I paid (and was honored to buy) for laughs in 2015 whether it be sketch, improv, stand up, story telling, or [undefined creativity]:
  1. “Love in the Time of Cholesterol” at Stage 773 (Jan 11)
    • Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival revue starring T.J. Miller, Nick Vatterott, Mark Raterman, and Brady Novak
  2. Sara Schaefer and Lara Beitz at Hideout (Jan 16)
    • Stand Up Comedy show presented by Tomorrow Never Knows fest
  3. Cameron Esposito and Kristin Clifford at Hideout (Jan 16)
    • Stand Up Comedy show presented by Tomorrow Never Knows fest
  4. Chris D’Ellia, Brent Morrin, Rick Glasserman, Ron Funches at HoB Las Vegas (Mar 21)
    • Undateable tour
  5. “The Inept” at Donny’s Skybox (Apr 17)
    • The Second City revue written by and starring Jennifer Mitchell and Nick Bernardi
  6. James Adomian and Martin Morrow at Zanies (Apr 24)
    • Stand Up Comedy club show
  7. “Panic on Cloud 9” at Second City (May 15)
    • The Second City Mainstage revue
  8. Brody Stevens and Nicholas Rouley at Schubas (May 22)
    • Stand Up Comedy and Crowd Work impressario
  9. "Comedians You Should Know" at Timothy O’Toole’s (May 27)
    • Stand Up showcase hosted by Martin Morrow and headlined by Brody Stevens (I was a target of his crowd work at this performance!)
  10. “Things Are Going Really Well: Phrases to Recite in the Mirror” at Donny’s Skybox (Jul 18)
    • The Second City Writing 6 Show featuring Nick Bernardi
  11.  "We Still Like You" & "B.Y.O.T." at iO (Jul 18)
    • Storytelling show & Open Improv Night
  12. Amy Schumer at Constellation (Aug 20)
    • Stand Up Show, which was announced day of the event when I was lucky to be checking email!
  13. “Never Have I Ever” Improv Game at Under The Gun Theater (Aug 28)
    • Improv Team [or as my dad calls them: improvement troupes]
  14. Beth Stelling and The Puterbaugh Sisters at Beat Kitchen (Sep 15)
    • Live recording for her "Simply the Beth" first album 
  15. "Cupid Has A Heart On” at Stage 773 (Sep 19)
    • Sketch revue [taken to it on a date, in which later I was accused of joking too much]
  16. “CholesteROCK” at Stage 773 (Sep 25)
    • Sketch revue [supporting funny friends]
  17. Dave Attell at Up Comedy (Oct 9)
    •  Stand Up club show featuring Danny Kalas and hosted by Natalie Jose
  18. Coach at iO (Oct 14)
    • Harold Team Improv show
  19. Stupid Smart Comedy at Geek Bar (Nov 23 and Dec 16)
    • Stand Up showcase hosted by Derek Graff
  20. “Space Warps” at Under The Gun Theater (Dec 5 and Dec 19)
    • Sketch Review written by and starring Nick Bernardi
*Listing last, out of chronological order, on purpose for headlining emphasis* ... Northwoods by North West at Northwoods Lounge (multiple dates from March to August)

My comic highlight of 2015 will remain my short time on the stage at iO during B.Y.O.T. – but most of my comedy year is thanks to my two friends who started their own standup showcase and allowed me to help out for most of their shows. They allowed me all the time I wanted and I was able to work out storytelling in addition to dumb jokes. I miss it deeply and appreciate the experience to levels I may never be able to convey to them.

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