Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Dad's 80th Birthday Gift

This summer is our dad’s 80th birthday. When the subject of his birthday came up he was very clear in no uncertain terms he only wanted to go out to dinner with us. Our parents have never wanted big birthday or wedding anniversary parties, but as “upstanding members of society” we want a somewhat formal recognition. Our gift to him, with your help, will span the entire summer.

We have been blessed with an absolute treasure of a father. Although we are the only ones with the honor of knowing him as Dad, most people have their own unique way of knowing him (e.g. the man waving to strangers at passing by cars, the gentleman who takes off his hat as he greets any Costco employee, the forceful voice of a lecter, the sympathetic warm soul that brings communion when in need, the popular guy of his McDonald’s “therapy group” each morning). He is the man we love and admire more than anyone on this planet. Dan Quiery takes interest in all around him. He likes a simple handshake, a picture you can hold in your hand, and knowing what is going on in your life. He also has a favorite time of day, one he looks forward to each afternoon…

We tease him about this all the time.  He is a “man about town” but he’s usually home most days when the mail arrives. If not, he gets it within moments of getting home.  In our opinion, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of interesting things arriving in that mailbox, but he loves the act of getting the mail. He loves opening it with an earnest discipline that is often only reserved for spiritual rituals. His trusty letter opener is always at the ready (which he often offers for his children’s use, who instead opt to barbarically rip open letters with fingers). It’s a not a time of day for our dad, it’s a rite.

This year we are asking you to celebrate our father's birthday in the form of writing him a tangible note. His address is at the bottom of this message. You don't have to spend $3.00 on a card, just an "old school" stamp. Grab a piece of paper, write happy birthday, sign your name and stick it in the mail. Even better if you want to write a note or a little update on your life which he would treasure as well. We would love to receive one letter per person (not one letter per household). Forty-nine cents is all it would take to place a smile on our dad's face. If he received these cards throughout this summer we know, without a doubt, that he would get a huge kick out of it. This is the kind of thing Dan Quiery enjoys. Simple yet meaningful acts filled with kindness.

We know it is ironic to send an email to spread the word, but we are delivering some by hand and mailing others. Please feel free to forward this message to someone who knows him. We appreciate you spreading the word! Once he starts getting cards it will not be any great surprise; you don’t have to wait to get started on yours or wait to pass this information along. Thank you in advance for your kindness and your thoughtful consideration.

Maureen and Tom


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