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TQ's Year of TV (2016)

My TV tweet of the year (numbers aided by a retweet by Eric Andre)
(my favorite shows of 2016)
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This list makes many people fear for the quality of my life, which is why I post it after listing the comedy and music events that I attend to prove to others that I leave my apartment frequently. The list is smaller than last year's, primarily because many of my favorite shows did not air a new episode in 2016. I won't lie to you, next year may return to a ranking list in the sixties, because I recently made a significant life upgrade (in the form of a larger television). Maybe next year I'll get to the list of shows I still want to see.

Also not on this list are shows I watched at the end of 2015 after that list was posted (Making a Murderer), quit entirely (The Walking Dead), or quit mid-season (Designated Survivor). These 50 television programs were watched in their entirely.

Shows are ranked in approximate order of how I would set my DVR series priority. Note that if your favorite show is ranked in the thirties, it means I like it too. If I didn't like a show, I wouldn't watch it and it wouldn't be ranked. There's just TOO MUCH TV... Peak TV creates an embarrassment of riches. 

50. Man Seeking Woman (FX)
The worst show I (continue to) watch.

49. Hard Knocks: Training Camp (HBO)
7-9 (you wish)

48. Mr. Robot (USA)
Its second season was a big drop off in quality (and I may not watch season 3).

47. Bloodline (Netflix)
Its second season was a big drop off in quality (but I will watch season 3, the final season).

46. Quarry (Cinemax)
Really not sure I can recommend it.

45. Last Man on Earth (Fox)
Makes me laugh every week.

44. Superstore (NBC)
Makes me laugh every week.

43. Son of Zorn (Fox)
Makes me laugh every week.

42. Narcos (Netflix)
I can't explain its (relative) low rank beyond my lack of motivation to marathon watch it.

41. Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC)
Rest In Power.

40. Girls (HBO)
A great finale saved the entire season (and will bring me back to watch its final season in 2017).

39. Easy (Netflix)
Super curious what people outside of Chicago think about it.

38. O.J.: Made in America (ESPN)
A tough, important, watch.

37. Vice Principals (HBO)
We're just getting started with this - and the end has already been planned - can't wait to see where it goes next.

36. Better Things (FX)
If you love Louie, this is a must watch.

35. Love (Netflix)
Loved it for the multiple examples of party etiquette / party politics I've ever seen on a TV show.

34. Togetherness (HBO)
Rest In Peace. Gone... at about the right time (sorry Duplasseseses)

33. Baskets (FX)
Watched the entire season on a plane (best flight I've had all year).

32. Westworld (HBO)
Every week I dropped this show to a worse ranking.

31. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
(repeating from last year) The theme song is in your head now, right? You’re welcome.

30. The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (Comedy Central)
(repeating from last year) The best showcase of stand up comedy I’ve ever seen on television.

29. You're The Worst (FX)
They did for PTSD this year what they did for Depression last year.

28. The Characters (Netflix)
If you already know what "U.C.B." stands for - you will love it.

27. Lady Dynamite (Netflix)
I wish I was as strong as Maria Bamford

26. House of Cards (Netflix)
Better than last year, but still not a show worthy of the praise it gets.

25. The Good Place (NBC)
Please support this show.

24. Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central)
Enjoy it while it lasts.

23. The Eric Andre Show (Adult Swim)
For a show that is always hit or miss, this season was all hits.

22. Atlanta (FX)
Donald Glover: an auteur for the new millennium.

21. Shameless (Showtime)
Pay Emmy Rossum whatever she wants and get this show another season. Pay Emmy Rossum whatever she wants and get this show another season. Pay Emmy Rossum whatever she wants and get this show another season.

20. Animals (HBO)
There was a gluttony of "what if animals thought like people" content in 2016. The best version of this concept that nobody knows is an animated show buried on HBO Now.

19. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)
Many disagree with me on my opinion of the Gang. I don't think the show has slipped. I hope it keeps going. I want to see the Gang deal with life in their 50s.

18. Broad City (Comedy Central)
Simultaneously beautful, dirty, unbelievable, and real. All the cool kids are already watching it, you know this.

17. Garbage Time with Katie Nolan (FS1)
Katie Nolan is a star that is hidden on FS1. Ten years ago everyone was attempting a "The Daily Show, but for sports!" Garbage Time is that goal. It's a winner.

16. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Still great. Still important. Still a show I fear only preaches to the choir.

15. The Night Of (HBO)
The first episode was the most gut wrenching edge-of-your-seat watching experience all year. Sadly, every episode was just a tad worse than the one before it.

14. Billions (Showtime)
If I thought really hard about this show I'd probably drop it twenty plus spots in these rankings. But I won't; it's a top 15 show for me.

13. The Grinder (Fox)
Rest In Peace. Gone too soon. Self aware and hilarious. I don't understand how this show wasn't an instant hit.

12. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)
Best sight gags since The Simpsons. The underwater (nearly all silent) episode were 30 minutes for the ages. Don't be a "I don't watch cartoons" idiot.

11. Banshee (Cinemax)
Rest In Peace. What a ride. No one can be told about this show, you have to feel the adrenaline for yourself.

10. Stranger Things (Netflix)
Guess it's not cool anymore to like this fun. Get off your high horse and enjoy your life from time to time. And let's make out to its theme song.

09. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
Nick Offerman never won an award for playing Ron Swanson, but that wrong can be righted if the Emmys eventually recognize Andre Braugher as Captain Holt.

08. Game of Thrones (HBO)
Sorry book nerds, this show took it to the next level once it was able to get beyond the text. I'll never call out for someone to hold an elevator door the same way again.

07. Silicon Valley (HBO)
I have a "Conjoined Triangles of Success" image on my cubicle wall at work, which wasn't even the season's best joke.

06. Veep (HBO)
JLD is still G.O.A.T. but what do we call Timothy Simons and Sam Richardson? I wish I could vote for Ryan and blog for Splett.

05. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (FX)
JUICE! This show (JUICE!) deserves every (JUICE!) acting award it gets. We all (JUICE!) knew how it (JUICE!) ended and were still (JUICE!) captivated through it all. JUICE!

04. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (USA)
I once said that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was the most important show to watch on television. That title now belongs to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

03. Black Mirror (Netflix)
The worst season in Black Mirror history is ranked third. I was late to this party, but it's not too late for you. Watch the first six epiosdes (and the Jon Hamm starring "White Christmas" episode) before the latest season. This season should have also only been three episodes in length ("Nosedive" / "Playtest" / "San Junipero").

02. Better Call Saul (AMC)
Better Call Saul is really ranked 2a and 2b for 2016. It's two excellent shows in one. Anybody who thinks the only the Mike half is exciting and the Saul half is boring needs to get their head out of their ass. We all know the stories will merge soon. It's a dagger than hangs over every minute of the show.

01. The Americans (FX)
The show that spent most of 2015 at the top of my rankings didn't have to fend off any late year Fargo push this year. I'm so happy that we will get two more seasons and a definite, known, end for the show I've been recommending ffirst to all four years running. Don't be a [character name redacted] (and figure it out too late).

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