Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Quarterback Position is Overated in the National Football League Game

You may read the title of this post and go, "wha'? c'mon... nah!"
Number one, because everybody always talks up the Quarterback position in the National Football League it is by definition overrated because nothing can meet that level of hype.
Number two, because the Quarterback is involved in nearly every play over the long span I think their best plays averages out alongside the poor plays... because it is their role to do so.

This past weekend everybody narrowly critiqued the Conference Championships in only the context of the National Football League Quarterback. Brady will always beat Manning. Grossman will lose to anybody (especially Pro-Bowl and near MVP Brees).

What ended up happening?

Billy Cundiff missed a Field Goal that would've given the Saints the lead while Robbie Gold (Pro-Bowl Kicker, and Chicago Football Bear all-time record holder) continued his perfect post season.

And two words can describe the single biggest difference in the Indianapolis Football Colts: Adam Vinatieri

For those that don't know, this is a picture of Adam Vinatieri winning Super Bowl XXXVI:

For those that still don't know, this is a picture of Adam Vinatieri winning Super Bowl XXXVIII:

Do you get the picture? Please don't make me post more.

If the Colts win the National Football League Super Bowl XLI, I predict it will not be on the great Manning arm or the (I refuse to repeat the doubter's words) Grossman. My number one fear, as a Bear fan, is that the Chicago Bears "Sometimes Bend but don't Break" Defense will give Adam Vinatieri the chance to win the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player title award.

I do not think a kicker has ever won the SP-MVP, but if one kicker in Super Bowl history has ever deserved it - it's that guy. I can see the writers calling it a damn near Lifetime Achievement Award for Post-season Clutchness. I see this in my nightmares.

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