Sunday, June 10, 2007

GOAL: 20 days to END IT

I'm not against "dropping" a book.
I've done it a couple times last year.
But for some reason, I just can't drop this one:

I'm on page 98 of 431 at the time of this posting.
It needs to be FINISHED before I depart for Las Vegas in 3 weeks.

The book is not very entertaining. It's not very deep or with cause and merit. It's a bunch of ancillary characters with no apparent cohesion or motive.

Yeah, it's going to feel like high school again - reading for the sake of reading, reading because of a "have to" and not a "will to." Regardless, I want to finish it. I want to beat this book down so it can stop haunting me. I don't like having it over there - on my end table - with my bookmark embarrassingly so close to the front cover.

(I'm pausing right now - i'm in a staredown with this godamn literal fiction)
Your days are numbered. You will be finished with the zeal of a Mortal Kombat player.

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