Monday, June 25, 2007

Random Thoughts from an absent weekend

Vegas = 7 Days

I didn't really have a weekend.
There were a bunch of odd experiences that could have occurred in a vacuum for all I know.
It began when I had a half day at work on Friday and ended at some point in the commute to work this morning. The following is a small sample of the thoughts that crept into my mind:

Even if I lose these travelers checks – I won't be able to reclaim them while still in Las Vegas.
Please don't have this represent the amount I will lose, just the amount I'm prepared to lose.
Damn Rammys for tasty subs… I wish I can stay away from this place… Bad memories…
Does the fact that my barber instantly knows this haircut is meant for Las Vegas a good thing or a bad thing?
I have a 40% chance – at absolute best – of bowling tonight with my friend
The "3 at a time" is now giving me the lesser of three options question.
Eh, Breach wasn't that bad… enjoyable.
I have a 30% chance of my friend even calling me back.
For Your Consideration is bad – very bad – I can't even forgive them because of how good Best in Show was…
I'm dead tired – it's midnight on Friday – I've done nothing tonight… can building a poker chip art structure somehow validate my boredom?
11 hours of sleep will easily fuck my sleep pattern for Saturday.
Going outside to read The Emperor's Children is a great way to waste this day, and get something accomplished.
Not even an hour of reading makes me want to sleep, what was the NY Times thinking awarding this book such praise?
Great, a 4 hour nap on the heels of an 11 hour sleep – That all but assures I won't be sleeping tonight.
I have a 10% chance of bowling tonight with the same friend.
It's understandable… I should know better… To clear my schedule for a 40% chance, knowing it was at in my heart at best a quarter of that.
The mind to be more optimistic than the heart, an unsettling proposition.
9:30 pm, I can make my day's goal of hitting page 300.
Especially because it feels like 1 pm – I'm going to waste sometime and play a play chip poker tourney.
I feel more ready for the TI poker room than ever before.
2 am, knowing that I've hit the mark when the book as traction in my psyche… I can read this tonight.
4 am, Can I finish this?
6 am, a good stopping point in the book with only 20 pages left – what a poor structure of this book.. I don't even want to read those last 20 pages.
Nothing on TV – not yet…
Do I bother with those 20 pages at all? Can it wait til Tomorrow
7:30 am, I would really like to have thrown this book across the room after finishing the last page – but it's not my own copy.
A two hour nap before Mass will get me through the day.
2 pm, calling from my parents house – my friend picks up the phone.
Why do I wish he didn't answer – why did he pick up the call from a different ID – I know I'm over thinking this, but still
I'm sorry, you're sorry, we're all sorry… still
3 pm, laundry done, parents visit accomplished, dinner too far away. Stay in boredom watching Braveheart here or at least have my own boredom at the condo.
My mother asks me what the alternative is to not staying for dinner. I have no answer. Not for her, not even to myself… I just want to finish this weekend – have it done.
One last hope – a new Mexican restaurant near the DP Theatre… no takers – but I still go.
I'm the only one in the restaurant – aside from it's staff – my attempt to have something tangible in this weekend backfires… It feels less real than ever…
Walking back, Radiohead may not be the best choice…
iTunes radio station for more upbeat Trance… much better choice
More play chip poker.
1 am, still awake on a Sunday – relish it…
Next weekend will entail a deafening bachelor party at Milwaukee's Summerfest
Next week will entail a blinding bachelor party at Vegas' Strip
This weekend has been a perfect sensory depravation as a preparation
But did it exist?
2 am… present
The week truly begins when you first think of what clothes you decide to wear – clothes you don't want to wear – clothes you have to wear – to work.
I'm going to make it to work a little early, and not tired… The weekend did exist… and was good.

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