Sunday, June 3, 2007

Notes on the MTV Movie Awards

-It's refreshing to have a good start to one of these things. One without the cheesy montage featuring the host in many scenes of the "big" movies.

-Sarah Silverman makes a race joke: instant cut to Sam Jackson in the crowd. This is so typical, but BIG PROPS to Sarah Silverman for instantly calling out the director... (even if that was planned, it was good)

-Paris Hilton, why would you subject yourself to an event hosted by Sarah Silverman days before your incarceration?

-Although Silverman's jokes on Paris were very funny, it does not compare to how I laughed at the unanimous cheering and applause at the mention of Paris going to jail (then showing Hilton's reaction).

-Jack Nicolson realizes how B.S. this whole deal is... And he somehow makes it worse by thanking first, "the fighting troops and allies." Then he pauses to almost realize how insulting he just was, to thank first and foremost the soldiers for an award he wouldn't use to wipe his ass.

-"Wester's defines 'fight' as..." (Finally, proof that the award show banter writers have run out of ideas)

-"Brought to you by Vitamin Water, it works for 50 Cent."

-I take back what I said about the cheesy montage.

-GO AWAY Robin Williams, GO AWAY

-MTV now doing "scripted drama?" Uh, paging Laguna Beach producers?

Finally, this show had a "pre-game" that was basically a half hour commercial for Transformers. And in the show they give out the "Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet" to Transformers. There are so many things wrong with this award - just call it, "Movie that paid us the most money." I will be very surprised if MTV doesn't have a meaty product placement scene in the film.

(And after that award, I stopped watching the show - I had already seen Amy Winehouse's performance and lost the will I needed to continue watching)

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