Monday, December 10, 2007

Hair, Hope and a Hat

We all enjoy the simple things in life.
I'm planning on experiencing one soon.
Most people don't like getting their hair cut.
Fear of a bad 'do,
Awkward barbers,
The overall inconvenience it may cause in one's schedule.

But I like it, and I really need it.

Ya know it's bad when I have to lean back Fat Joe Style to get all follicles in frame.
Most know that I sometimes play a very odd Samson flavored game of chicken with my hair.
One part denial,
Two parts frugality,
Fill the glass with an overall surrender to its mass.

I usually play cards wearing a visor, and if I can get an out of control head-mane thrusting to the heavens as I play, all the better.
I like to present the appearance of an out of control player, which can hide my new conservative strategy.

I had seven coworkers over to my Condo on Friday for a night of cards. I've been wanting a Work-themed poker tournament for over a year.
It was successful,
The place was clean,
Pizza was enjoyed,
There will be more to come.

Also on the horizon: a potential work snow day, which has happened before.
A link to an older post

The word came down to us from Mount HR just before 4 o'clock. It was to alert us that we MIGHT have the building closed tomorrow. But that is not the part of that announcement that made me happy. The actual mass e-mail was titled, "Dress Down Day." The following is an exact quote - may God have mercy on my copy and pasting soul:

"Due to this possibility we have relaxed the normal casual dress policy to include jeans and other appropriate weather wear."

Although one day too late if you ask me, I had to have my dress pants ice bathed this morning as I scraped days of ice onto them from my windshield, it's still great news. I joked to my coworkers that I have the ultimate in appropriate weather wear. It's a hat given to me two Christmases ago:

I love wearing this hat.
Nobody loves being seen with me while wearing it.
It causes a scene.
The size of it, especially when raised six feet and three inches above the ground, has it's own inertia.
It gets noticed, it is a big deal.

That hat is one of the few articles of clothing/attire that is post worthy. I've wanted to share this hat with the world - and am using tomorrow's dress down day as my opportunity.

Wearing this hat has also made it impossible for me to have any order to my hair during the workday. Already a mess to begin with, the hat does as good a job restoring order as an overextended military presence in an unwanted foreign land.

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