Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can I convince you to go to Logan Square with me?

Q: Why do you want to go to Logan Square?
A: The Metronome Celebration on June 6 (Milwaukee Ave @ Armitage & Western)

I am not someone who necessarily looks forward to the Summer Neighborhood Festival / Block Party scene that overtakes Chicago every year. A lot of people enjoy it, I am about to get e-mails every week from different crowds wanting to go out to this or that.

It takes something special to get me out to these events. For example, last summer's Guinness Oyster Fest - which featured the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia trivia competition - to get me out there.

Recently, I stumbled upon the website for the Metronome Festival, specifically the page showing the lineup of musical acts scheduled to appear. This is an event I hope to attend. This is post I intend to use to convince others.

There are 3 acts in particular I hope to see: Apostle of Hustle, Here We Go Magic & John Vanderslice. All will be on the same stage, performing in succession. Below are YouTube examples of their music. Please let me know if you're interested in spending a Saturday afternoon & evening with yours truly in the Logan Square neighborhood.

Apostle of Hustle is the side project of a mainstay in the Broken Social Scene lineup. I've enjoyed everything that has to do with Broken Social Scene. "Everything" includes the solo efforts by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning along with their breakout star Feist.

Here We Go Magic is just the latest example of why NPR's All Songs Considered is my all-time favorite podcast. A few weeks ago they played the below song and I've always had them in the back of my mind to see them when they run through town.

I know extremely little about John Vanderslice. He is a musician who was also featured on a recent All Songs podcast, however it didn't have the same effect that Here We Go Magic had on me. He's actually the one headlining the stage, which is a good indicator that his following would be the largest and the best "draw" of the evening. Give him a shot, cause I will be... It might be a wonderful surprise.

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