Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are you watching Breaking Bad?

Q: What's the best show not enough people are watching?
A: AMC's Breaking Bad.

I just finished watching tonight's episode of Breaking Bad (Sundays on the AMC channel).
There are only two episodes left in this season, its second, and I really hope there are more seasons to come.

I think the show has enough "critical capital" to get it to another season.
Bryan Cranston won a freakin' Emmy for his role as an extremely overqualified high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth to fund his cancer treatment.

Now I've never seen one epiosde of Weeds, a Showtime show about a suburban mom who is a pot dealer. However, from what I gather, that show is primarily a comedy.

Breaking Bad is not a comedy, it's a drama. People pushed to the edge of their conscience and rationalizing the unthinkable.

Yet, many people compare the two shows. It's very unfortunate, in my opinion. Yes, it's unavoidable because they have non-sterotypical drug dealers in suburbia as principal characters.

Okay, so here's my recommendation:
You don't even have to go back to season one to enjoy this show.
(but, it's a very good rental, I'm sure)
Just keep an eye out when AMC starts showing season two again, for they will.
(heck, they seem to be constantly jamming old Mad Men seasons down their programming's throat)

I have to think there are more of me out there.
It's a fantastic ride.

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