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Do you have any Valentine's Day tradtions?

Q: How many years ago is this post?
A: 4 years.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
I saw VD comming from far away. Preparation was needed. The following needed to be accomplished:

-Engineer a valentine's day feat which needs to result in a story
-Provide support to those that actually like this day, but abhor it currently due to no significant other
-Figure out an ironic way to spend the night in order to have a good response to "what did you do for Valentine's Day?"
-Stay strong.

The first two were accomplished from an idea generated in one of my many sleepless nights. I wanted to buy those cheap ass cardboad valentines (the kind first graders pass out) and give them to coworkers.

Standing in front of a selection of these cards at a Walgreens I attempted to quickly calculate how many I needed. This creates a big problem because imbedded in this answer is the pivital, "Who gets one and who doesn't get one." The more I thought about it, I realized there was a parabolic relationship betwen the quantity of cards distributed and the success of the gesture/humor.

I worked very late the night before, allowing nearly everybody in the building to leave as I made my rounds dropping off Simpons and Transfomers themed valentines Day cards. I decided to give a card to ANYBODY that has said hello to me in the month of February. Regardless of age, relationship status, sex or sexual orientation that coworker got a card.

I walked into work very nervously on Valentine's Day. The act, of this magnitude, was going to either be a huge success or paint me as a complete wackjob. I even gave one to the Executive Vice President of the company. The boss of my boss' boss.

Final count: 89 cards distributed.

It was remarkable how many e-mails I received from women who said it really made them smile and how it made them think of how the holiday was when they were schoolchildren. (Back to the time before the day got whored out to the loved and attached, sending independants into exile). Some of these are still posted on people's desks. This makes me feel nervous because with all these simpsons cards in display - ones who didn't receive one could feel left out. The feeling of being left out was one of the emotions I was attempting to conquer with this action.

As the day was ending, and more women were receiving quazi-gadens in vases - i could feel the tide turning in my fellow solo acts. I usually just said quietly to them... "Now what would you rather have: THAT guy who sent those as YOUR boyfriend? Or me as a friend, which includes an old skool throwback card from me?"

How did I spend my Valentine's Day evening? Watching a movie with a number two in it - signifing the day... and a movie that sums up how I feel about the day: Saw 2. This was also planned in advance - moving Saw 2 to the top of my queue list in order for it to arrive the day it was released to DVD (2/14/2006).

Finally, I did make sure to call my sister to wish her a happy valentine's day. She is also, "between relationships" and the most devout reader of this blog... Thanks Mo - we stick together.

Almost all days have the same M.O. for me. It's not if you win or lose, its if there's a decent story to tell. In that sense... let me say, "Yes, I had a good Valentine's Day."

I handed out paper cards for two more years after that.
The past two years, I've just sent out e-card.
Why did I stop the old school tradition?
It gets too much to handle when, by that third year, it took me nearly two hours to hand out over 200 damn little envelopes.

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