Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can I adjust something I wrote earlier?

Q: Has your opinion changed?
A: Yes, please accept this formal retraction.

A few posts back I asked if anybody wanted to see RJD2 with me.

Forget it.

Although there are songs of his I like, his latest album is close to awful. I honestly don't think I'll be listening to it again. There is way too much good music coming out today for me to spend time on new RJD2.

It's so frustrating, to purchase a new album that sucks.
And I was a little bit on the fence about seeing this act before I had bought the album. There are people I know much more eager than I to see him, so it would've been an easy convincing process. But I understand the tour is in support of this new release, and I just won't put myself in front of that.

So let's go back, if only for a moment, to the RJD2 I like. Allow me to embed this "Work it Out" video one more time so I can keep going back to it. May it continue to fuel my daydreams (as opposed to the nightmarish colossal failure.)

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