Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is Brees' kid wearing child sized ear protection?

(The majority of this is a repost from last year - just a quick update)

2010 (Wheeling): An awesomely stupid argument breaks out centering around the things over the ears of Bress' young son. It started when I said, "If you thought you'd have to buy professional grade child sized ear muffs, maybe it's not a good idea for your kid to be there?" A comment that was innocently replied with a notion that those may be adult sized. Quickly it escalated to telling my friend, "You're out of your element." (Thankfully, the target of that phrase knew exactly where that phrase originated)

A close runner up was the potential birth of a new musical genre: Bromantic
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you want to sound like you know music - invent your own genre label...

Original post from February 1, 2009:
What are your favorite Super Bowl (viewing) Memories?

Q: Of the last five years, what are your strongest memories from watching the Super Bowl.

A: It's never about the actual game.

2009 (Wheeling): Laughing hysterically at Bruce's opening monologue - which we had to replay instantly because we were laughing too hard to hear it all:

"Ladies and gentleman for the next 12 minutes we're gonna beam righteous and mighty power of The E Street Band into your beautiful home. I want you to step back from the guacamole dip, I want you to put the chicken fingers down and turn your television... all the way up!" (Damnit NFL and NBC yanked the YouTube clip!)

2008 (Palatine & Hoffman Estates): Double booking myself causing me to watch the two halves in two different towns... I'll never do that again, especially when the short drive was impossible due to a snowstorm.

2007 (Des Plaines): The only Super Bowl viewing I've ever hosted... Mainly because this Super Bowl happened to be a Bear game. The memory is not our elation of Hes running back the opening kick, but rather that my friend wanted to dress up and wore a jacket and tie (He said it was the most important sports viewing event of his life).

2006 (Charleston): If they ever write an unauthorized biography of my life, this weekend will be in it, due to a certain girl who hung a Jack Kerouac poster in her studio apartment located in "the square." The lame Seahawk/Steeler game was unable to distract me.

2005 (Charleston): Since none of us could handle the endless pre-game, we kept flipping the channels looking for a better option. Through this random act of boredom we discovered the first ever Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. It was one of the funniest and surreal moments of my recent memory...

I've made it a point to watch the Puppy Bowl every year since. As I write this, long after the conclusion of Super Bowl XLIII, I have Animal Planet on in the background (I believe they air this back to back to back). The broadcast is much more glitzed up now. Instant replays, kittys at halftime, a referee, and now flashbacks to earlier puppy bowls. Back in 2005 it was just a pure camera without almost zero voice over. A great counter-programming idea. In my opinion, they need to keep it as different as the actual game as possible.

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