Friday, September 2, 2011

Do they have toilets in Sri Lanka?

During the evening of Wednesday August 3, 2011 I wrote an inspired post in my Moleskine. It was titled "The morning I lost my innocence" and was ultimately deemed too graphic to share verbatim. Shortly after my return I told a PG-13 version of the tale to my parents, which was able to produce the rare feat of getting my Mother to laugh to the point of tears.

So that story is going to be kept as a "to tell" and not one that will be preserved for all the Internet to behold.

Here's the thing I want to mention about toilets in Sri Lanka: They exist.
More importantly I want to mention: They should exist more!

Luckily (and most thankfully) all the hotels I stayed at while in Sri Lanka had the type of toilets we've all grown to appreciate, value and take for granted in America. The school we volunteered at did not.

I didn't really think twice about that squat toilet at the school until the first weekend in Sri Lanka, when we took a bus ride from Negombo up to Anuradhapura. Along the way we drove through a market; one of the shops in the market was a housewares type store that sold sinks, pipes, and toilets among other such items. They had on display both a standard toilet and a squat toilet for sale.

Wait, what?

If you are building a bathroom in Sri Lanka, and you go to the local toilet shop, why would you even want the squat option? In summary, the source of my confusion about squat toilets is not that that they exist, but why they exist in places in which it's not the only option?

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  1. Maureen Quiery10/15/11, 11:25 AM

    Still best worksite bathroom in all my builds. Be thankful my dear brother!