Saturday, September 3, 2011

What did you listen to?

I'm very proud that I was able to "disconnect" to the extent I did for over 16 days. Even though it resulted in a missing something incredibly major, I didn't look at one website and was totally absent from any social media. However, I was not without my iPod. In addition to being vital to my airline survival, I just don't think I can go that long without some level of control in the music I hear.

All respect to ARASH and Bryan Adams, I need my own tunes. And because I know my music isn't universally liked, let alone even known, to people I'm usually around - I need my iPod.

One of my routines I loved in Sri Lanka was taking a nightly stroll on the beach, feet in the Indian Ocean, just before sunset. After I would return from an exhausting day at the school, and a lovely to say the least shower, I would take my iPod for a stroll before the team met for dinner.

Here are just three of the songs that provided an awesome soundtrack to my most reflective and isolated moments on the other side of the world:

"God Moving Over The Face Of The World" by Moby (One of my favorite, if not #1, song all-time. Was chosen purposely to be the first song to play on the Indian Ocean)

"Terrible Love" by The National (Chosen for the obvious "it takes an ocean not to break" line)

"Literal" by The Calm Blue Sea (A newer song, that I like for its lack of lyrics and chose to share here for the apt band name)

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