Sunday, September 11, 2011

How much do I love Sri Lankan Airlines?

Srilankan Airlines is the greatest airline I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I was on it twice - from New Delhi to Colombo and back. Most certainly my evaluation was improved by its pairing with the long enduring trials of Air India - but even if you look at their characteristics in isolated terms, the quality shines through:
  • The planes were either new, or were kept in new condition - the leather seats had a new feel, but more importantly it had a pleasantly fresh smel.
  • I was able to watch episodes of The Simpsons on my flights
  • The complimentary magazine was a worthwhile kept souvenir (I had to consult it when writing many of these posts)
  • They weren't overbooked - on both flights MySister and I were able to have an open seat between us.
  • The flight attendants are very attractive, and were wearing semi-midriff revealing uniforms.
Sadly, I may never have the opportunity to be their customer again. Most everybody knows that if I had to select a dream vacation, it would involve Las Vegas - but in that fantasy - I'll fly there on Srilankan Airlines.

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