Monday, May 28, 2007

Reunited, and it feels so good.

Seriously, I'm like as giddy as a school girl about to take part in a hopscotch tournament.

After living the first 18 years of my life without Cable Television, I was way behind the curve on the MTV Real World phenomena. In fact, my first memory of the Real World was in my freshman year of college - but it wasn't watching the show for the first time. Three "cast members" from the Seattle season sat up on a stage in the Union in a pseudo lecture / Q&A session.

I don't remember what they said, just the lunacy of the experience. Every other question was basically, "Now who hooked up? Really... Who hooked up?" However, there was one memorable moment when a "little person" attempted to ask a question. The Real Worlders kept asking the guy to stand up, which he was... Finally he climbed to stand on his chair to ask his question, "Did any of you guys make-out or what?"

I decided to start watching the show. The drunk driving filled Hawaii season was before the pre-Katrina New Orleans season. (That N.O. season produced a "Come on be my baby tonight..." bit that I still randomly laugh at today)

Then there was the Las Vegas season.
The season that confirmed what everybody suspected about MTV Real Worlders in addition to bringing it to unprecedented levels of debauchery, drunkenness, declothing and demagoguery.

I stopped watching The Real World shortly after that. The seasons that followed attempted to repeat the model of Guys Gone Wild that made the Vegas season successful. It became too tiring for me.

But now, five years later, MTV is bringing the Las Vegas cast pack to the Palms for two more weeks. I have never been this excited at the prospect of a reality show.

I especially want to see FRANK! MTV had a mini-marathon over Memorial Day of the Vegas season - and I was lucky to catch the premiere episode that featured Frank - on his first day - confessing that he was interested in Trichelle to Steven. That night Frank was literally caught in the middle between Trichelle and Steven. Frank leaned out of the way, looked to the camera, and pantomimed a self influenced pistol shot to the head. CLASSIC!

The season premiere of Real World Las Vegas: Reunited is this Wednesday. Can't wait to see Frank again!

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