Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Call yourself a cool cat?

Q: what's on my mind tonight
A: nothing well organized

Random News & Notes Time:
I enjoy "Pants on the Ground"
My Dad has been taught the CORRECT lyrics
Maids were paid to clean my condo last Friday
They said, "oh dios mio" multiple times
I failed in asking a girl out recently
Thankfully, it probably saved me more than I know
The last album I bought stunk
There is no satisfaction from not listening to it again

(Like how you can say eF off by ejecting a NetFlix)
(or slapping a book closed and can move to another one quick)

There was a "Gilbert Arenas" moment at work
Obviously I can't say more here
Soon I will be Lost again
I'm glad it's moving to Tuesdays
Damages is also back
Depositions can't be that interesting in real life
A year ago I had Jury Duty
Should I be ashamed that I miss it
I no longer want to see RJD2 live
But I want to see Yeasayer more
My Toyota has been known to go fast
Not because of anything requiring a recall
When I was a kid, I loved Pee Wee Herman
As an adult, I still do

I haven't remembered a dream in a very long time
It's not for lack of trying
I envision elaborate scenarios late at night
Conversations that will never happen and bank robberies
Basketball is a joy with decent folk
Cards as well
I can't play Bball with pricks
But I don't mind poker with a'holes
If I had a drum set, I'd want it as small as Ringo's
The guitar of my dreams would be oversized

By the way, the last two posts were typed on my phone
In both cases, a full keyboard was less than 5 ft away

It's one am, do you know where your day end
When your alarm goes off, how loud is it
Recently I gave blood again
I've been spilling it since before the Vampire craze
Minor setback
Major minor

Apologies for the time waste
Good night and good riddance


  1. A word of advice: I noticed you posted this close to 1 am, and in your last post you said you couldn't sleep. Staring at a bright screen at close range before trying to go sleep is supposed to be a very bad thing to do. Even a little bit of light is supposed to be a problem. I'd suggest not working on a computer/iphone before bed.

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