Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Long Will You Wait to File Your Taxes?

Q: Where you going?
A: "I'm going to get laid, motherfucker! Where you goin'?" ~John Shaft.
A: "I'm doing my taxes, bitch!" ~TQ

Ah hell yeah!
Ring it up!
Guess who got his W-2 from his employ-zor today?
That's right, I did - and the thing was still steamin' hot off tha presses when I typed that sucka'z data into Turbo Tax tonight.
Look elsewhere for a procrastinating fool.
I'm the real deal mature tonight, bitch.

You know who's next in my targets: Maria Pappas!
(M.P. is the M.F. who runs the racket down at the Cook County Treasurer's Office)
She just slapped the hurt on me earlier this week with a Property Tax Bill.
I get two of those bastards a year since I became a homeowner.
The bi-annual bitchslap I get from her that's due October 1 is a total brutal pain in the arse.
But this current one, when it's timed with my usual tax refund, ain't so rough.

So how do you solve a problem like Maria?
Just wait until your Federal (& State!) refund clear in your back account.
Lady, stay silent. You'll have your money in less than ten daze.

Yeah, it's kinda humiliating how I acted tonight.
Besides, the obviously stupid post above.
But I have been eagerly awaiting my W-2.
I jokingly said, "oh now I finally have weekend plans" when I got it.
Like I could wait until the weekend?
The lowpoint is when I was getting pissed during the Student Loans portion.
I couldn't find how much interest I paid this year, searching all over the website where I pay.
Finally, I found out that they promise to have it sent before February 1.
Like I could wait until Monday? - I called the toll free number to get the information I needed.
Honestly, it upped my refund a pitiful amount, but still worth it.

Overall, the quick tax filing makes me feel good.
Lately, I've been wondering if I need to "start getting on with it" in regards to my life.
Sometimes my life is more than just a Net Flix Queue and an iPod Playlist.

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