Thursday, January 14, 2010

What song makes you pump your fist?

Q: Does the music ever possess your body, primarily your hand, and cause you to start fist pumping to the beat?
A: If you said no, you're a liar - or just not a fan of Jersey Shore.

Last night, while driving home from basketball, I was listening to an uptempo beat-heavy song. I recognized that it would be a song that Pauly D, Ronnie and maybe even The Situation would also like and felt a desire to start fist pumping... in the car... alone. There's not much room to fist pump in a car. It was the following thought that made me very happy - to the extent that I was slightly embarrassed at how giddy I was at the concept:

When the weather warms up, I can open the sunroof of my car and fist pump into the sky!

It made me realize that, deep down, there's a genuine desire to fist pump to music. Yes, a part of it is me being ironic - making fun of the bizarre practice currently documented on a trashy television show. But I have to admit that the joke is on me. In my defense, it's the only commonality I have with these guys. I don't fake tan. I don't lift weights to catch tail and avoid grenades. My hair is free of spray, gel, wax, bison sperm, or whatever foreign agent keeps Pauly D's blowout immune from gale force winds and beer fueled punches.

That being said, the following two grooves are the tracks you'll most likely see me fist pumping to if you happen to be in the other lane at a red light:

"Phantom 1.5" by Justice: According to the time of this YouTube video, I'll be a Mike Tyson of the Toyota starting at the 3:20 mark of this track.

"Play Your Part (Pt.1)" by Girl Talk: I have the first 42 seconds of this track memorized. I can't tell you how many times, when by myself in the car, I've yelled out the entire flow. Lately, I've been lip syncing silently in my cube at work. Fist pumping to commence immediately after the last word at that 42 second mark (again, using the time frame of this YouTube video).

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