Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do you have any interest in seeing RJD2 with me?

Q: What's an upcoming concert that's of interest to me?
A: RJD2, March 13 @ Metro.

Welcome to the first of probably many "C'mon, this is a good musical act... C'mon, wanna see'em live...c'mon?" type of posts for 2010. I actually think the probability of me seeing this dude live is rather high - but let me try to convince you anyways. I'll be employing the simple method of just presenting a few of his tracks for your listening pleasure.

Almost everybody has heard at least one song of his because the very popular and trendy AMC show Mad Men uses one of his tracks ("A Beautiful Mine") for its theme song.

A few months ago, shortly before my family's vacation to San Fransisco, I found a nice SF montage set to the tune of "Chicken Bone Circuit" and posted it for background music.

Finally, I wanted to find the video that YouTube considered RJD2's most popular selection. It's a song that I actually just heard for the first time tonight. Evidently, it's off an album of his that I don't yet possess. If you decide to watch any of these three videos, make it the one for "Work it Out" for it's an interesting music video.

RJD2 has a new album "dropping" January 19 called The Colossus. The holidays left me with a nice iTunes account surplus - and I've been very frugal with it. I'm very cabable of going on a spree that will exhaust it all in one session. I'll let you know if I end up picking this album up and if it might create more reasons to see this guy live.

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