Monday, August 9, 2010

What did you win?

Q: Shouldn't I have been prepared with a line?
A: No doubt.

This story is mainly about the T-Shirt I'm wearing in the above picture. It's my new favorite shirt. I found it at the WHY Louisville gift shop for 50% off in Kentucky last month. The shirt has a picture of a trophy below the cursively written word, "Winner!" I wore this shirt to a concert I attended recently.

When my friend went to the bar to grab himself a beer, a woman approached me.
I had noticed her almost instantly when I first approached the stage of the Metro.
She was one of three people. One was a taller than me black guy, his apparent girlfriend, and her. She might have been a third wheel? Something we know for certain: she was drunk. (She was probably sauced from attending Lollapalooza earlier in the day - this story takes place at an official Lollapallooza After Party concert)

For those just tuning in, I've been known to foster instant affinities with these types. In fact, the friend of mine who left to grab a beer moments before this story took place is also the same one who witnessed the infamous "ordering wine at a pop concert" girl.

I'm by myself, nobody within 8 or so feet of me in all directions... Not many people have showed up yet for this show... The threesome earlier described are by themselves at the front of the stage. The apparent couple starts a very "close talking" conversation exiling the third friend. With her heels on, she couldn't be more than 5'5" and has dirty blond hair and an attractive physique.

Slightly Hot but More Drunk Girl: What did you win?
TQ: (pause)
SHMDG: (blinks... then nods to my chest, which is still above her eye level)
TQ: (pausing... still) I'm a winner in life.
SHMDG: Oh... okay... (turns around to head back to her two friends)
TQ: Thanks.

And that's it sports fans. Welcome to the latest example of my complete incompetence. Why couldn't I have just thanked her from the start and asked her name? As a different friend would ask me the next night, "Why would you wear such a goofy shirt without knowing what to say when called upon it?"

Well Dude, we just don't know.

Did I regret my inaction more when I saw her fistpumping during Dragonette's set? Of course I did.
Was all my regret washed away when the time between her trips to the restroom began decreasing rapidly to the point that she never returned for the last half of Cut Copy's set? Not all of it. She might have been a landmine of trouble I didn't need, but I'm still relatively upset at myself.

The good news is that I had an unbelievably great time at this concert. Who knows how I would have enjoyed myself with the cancer of thinking about what to say to that girl after the concert existed. Nope, I decided to just throw away every single "chance" I might have had with her right away. I'll live to act stupidly another day (since I'm still without a line to say while wearing that shirt, I and love it too much to stop wearing it in public).

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