Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What is wrong with that sentence?

Q: What was my highlight of Tuesday?
A: My ability to say one of the weirdest sentences aloud.

There have been quite a few quazi-blogworthy life experiences since my last post:
  • The My Morning Jacket Concert
  • Rekindling my affair with John Madden
  • Completing the 3rd (Jimmy Smits-riffic) season of Dexter
  • My ability to finally see Inception before having it told me me
I might get to those.... I'll hopefully get to those... later...

It was a single sentence that made me want to fire up this blog again. Said, of course, by yours truly. Don't worry about what was said before or after the 100% true statement. Easily the most ridiculous thing I've said in quite some time, I must assure you that every aspect of it is truthful:
My friend's Dad, a part time clown, fell off his tricycle - a recumbent tricycle - and into a ditch because he had gotten caught up in the marching band that was ahead of him in a Wisconsin parade.

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