Saturday, February 26, 2011

If an 8 year old (who doesn't know me) can, why not you?

8 year old TQ

(You know I'm going to Sri Lanka at the end of July, right?  If not, please click here to read the post explaining why.)

There have been a few frequently asked questions about my Sri Lanka trip:
When are you going? [July 29 - August 15]
Was Sri Lanka known as something else? [Ceylon prior to 1972]
Who should I make the check out to? ["BTCV"]
How much should I donate? [?]

That last question is disarming.  It makes me very nervous.  The entire process of soliciting donations is humbling and humiliating.  With most awkward moments, I usually stoop to poor comedy.  Thus, my common response to that question is: "Since I probably won't have any kids asking you to buy Girl Scout Cookies, whatever you spend on Thin Mints would be more than appreciated."

Which brings us to Nolan. (the other kid pictured in this post, anonymity protected through inelegant clip art)

I don't know Nolan.  Before last Wednesday, I didn't even know he existed.  He is an 8 year old grandson of a coworker who lives northeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

8 year old Nolan
He donated four dollars, cash.  Needless to say when his Grandmother (a coworker who I can't honestly describe as anything more than an acquaintance, if that) handed me an envelope with "TQ" addressed in crayon, I didn't know how to react.  After getting back to my desk and opening the envelope, to see four $1 bills inside, I e-mailed Nolan's Grandmother for an address to send a proper Thank You.

Thankfully, she replied with the story of his donation (along with his picture):

I gave him some money for Valentine’s Day and he gave it to charity.  He took me on a “date” on Saturday for ice cream and he gave me the money he had left.  When I wouldn’t take it, he said he would put it in my purse when I wasn’t looking.  That’s when I mentioned what you were doing and he was excited about giving it to you. 

When I was 8 years old I was in my first year of Little League afraid to swing a bat.  I watched The Huxtables and was annoying my high school age sister.  I'm fairly positive if I had four dollars I would've bought another Micro Machine, not given it to a stranger.

The going rate for Thin Mints is around $4.  If Nolan donated $4, could you as well?

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