Sunday, February 20, 2011

What would Bieber do?

Baby, baby, baby, oh!
(The following is fake.  After seeing another charity post a picture of the sixteen year old heartthrob hoping to piggy back on his fandom, I thought I'd try the same.  I do not know Mr. Bieber, and I mean no harm towards him or his following)

To my crazy amazing fans,

It's been quite a couple days for JB!  Man, I was so psyched to be sharing the Grammy Stage with my main man Usher - what a thrill!  I like exclamation points!

But then I had to sit through Esperanza Spalding winning the Best New Artist Grammy - that sucked.  We really thought we had it, but don't worry, we'll get it next year.  At least my fellow Canadians Arcade Fires won the big prize.  I loved their performance because they had bikes on the stage with them - cool!

There's a lot of haters out there on Esperanza and The Arcades, and that's not Bieber-cool.  In fact, we should all take our frustration and turn it into something positive... Like donating to this guy that's twice my age who's going to a place that even I haven't been to!

I read his blog post and was inspired!  You should read it too!  You should donate!

Calling all Beliebers - crack open your piggy banks, sneak cash out of your parents' wallets, and start donating to the cause.  Baby, baby, baby, oh it's a great cause!

Never say never,

[P.S. Hey TQ, I'm too young to have a checking account, so I can't write a check payable to "BTCV" and send it to you.]

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