Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When am I leaving?

The plane leaves in the early afternoon this Friday July 29.
I intend to unplug shortly after I [hopefully] purchase tickets to an upcoming Fleet Foxes concert.
My phone will be left behind.  If you've known me well in the last two plus years since getting an iPhone, you know I've been quite tethered to it.
Admittedly, I do want to "check in" at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.  Someone else on the team will probably have a device that could allow me to sign in and digitally gloat - so don't be too surprised if you see that.
Mostly, I'll be tempted to find a way to log in just to post a note to all that I've arrived safely.  In the past my parents have operated on the "no news is good news" strategy - but with them having both kids halfway around the world, I think they would welcome an encouraging report... we'll see...

That's pretty much where my social networking whines end.  Thankfully, I'll have my iPod with me for as what my friend so eloquently described as, "a very long boring uncomfortable journey."  There are so many things I'll happily be leaving behind and won't miss (the latest douche voted out of the Big Brother house & the newest sexy business wear of Perabo on Covert Affairs to only name two).

I'll miss a lot of things important (parents and friends) and less important (Walter White and Jesse Pinkman).  I'll gladly trade new stress (wondering if anybody within earshot understands English) for old stress (did anybody notice the format error on a recently e-mailed spreadsheet).

But I'm not there yet.  Although it seems like pieces of me have already left.  My heart left a long time ago when I made the decision.  Most recently it seems my sanity has left - I hope to find it waiting for me in Sri Lanka.  In the past 48 hours I've had 2 horrid nights of little sleep leading to an irrational action such as a Target shopping binge consisting entirely of a massive underwear buy.  So although I may not have all my technology I'm accustomed to - I'll have fresh underwear if I need it.  I can't even get into the other stumbling blocks I'm tripping over such as how many socks to bring or if an ironic shirt that says, I'm a Keeper is even worth packing.  Oh, and then I need to pack food (really!?)

Tomorrow is Wednesday, the day after that is Thursday, and then the day that I depart arrives.  See you on the other side of the world, or with pictures of it.

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