Monday, March 26, 2007

Celebrity Playlist

TQ is an average worker outside Chicago by day, but by night the 28 year old man-about-Des Plaines exercises his penchant for mixtape creation. Luckily we have gained access to his most recent collaboration "fleX miX," a playlist created for three of his friends who are members of the club noted in the playlist's title. The mixtape has been made available, along with TQ's commentary, to the public to further advance the physical health and well being of readers at large.

1. "Pumpkin & Honey Bunny/Miserlou" (Pulp Fiction Dialogue / Dick Dale & The Del Tones)
Having Amanda Plummer yell and curse at the top of her lungs really gets me moving. Except for getting my wallet out - I just want to work out. Not to mention, Miserlou is quite possibly the best few minutes of guitar... ever.

2. "Carmina Burana: I. O Fortuna" (London Symphony Orchestra)
I bought this song of Tom Brady's playlist. After finding out just how freakin' potent that man is - thought it couldn't hurt to work out to similar motivational music. This title is recognizable to pretty much nobody, but the tune is used constantly in movie trailers.

3. "Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky")" (Bill Conti)
Zero explanation is needed here.

4. "In the Air Tonight" (Phil Collins)
NFL Films did a piece about how popular this song is to inspire players in the locker room before kickoff. Although this song is a tad too "Miami Vice" it's the "Miserlou of Drums" if you ask me. Just don't get caught air drumming in public... Unless you think it'll impress the Cardio Fem-bots?

5. "Duel of the Fates" (London Symphony Orchestra)
This almost didn't make the cut. Because there was already a track from the L.S.O. previous on the playlist. However the rapid pace and frenetic chanting seems at place at a workout facility.

6. "Battle Without Honor Or Humanity" (Tomoyasu Hotei)
Yes, there is a definite trend forming here - and it won't let up. Taken from another soundtrack (Kill Bill), this song - like the one previous - will make you wish your gym offered a sword fighting class.

7. "Price of Gasoline" (Bloc Party)
Here the mixtape takes a turn from somewhat classical to Rock. Adjust your resistance accordingly. The chorus yells out "WE'RE GONNA WIN THIS!" Yes we will... yes we will...

8. "Take Me Out" (Franz Ferdinand)
The MVP of the TQ mixtape! Placed on over ten different mixtapes for different people - it may forever be a staple for mixtapes to come. Not to mention, the up-tempo guitar hooks keep you moving. As the band says, "We write songs to make girls dance." I'm attempting to add "...and make cool people work out..."

9. "Guerilla Radio" (Rage Against the Machine)
Channel that angry angst!

10. "Save Me" (Remy Zero)
The high school Superman TV show made me knock down this song a few pegs in my book. However, in the age of the iPod nobody can claim any music as "undiscovered" for too long. So strap on your cape and start lifting weights.

11. "E-Pro" (Beck)
The Rock portion of the mix really hits it strides with more great guitar hooks.

12. "The Saints Are Coming" (U2 & Green Day)
Everything about this track is powerful... Everything.

13. "Spinning Newspapers" (Dave Grohl)
Did you know that Dave Grohl once wrote an entire film score? Now you do. Don't bother watching the film "Touch" but this instrumental rock track is musical cross training. As you switch machines think about how Grohl plays every single instrument you're listening to.

14. "Star Guitar" (The Chemical Brothers)
Changing gears again, the mixtape ventures downstairs and starts dancing. This is one of my top five tracks of all time, has been ever since I saw the MTV2 music video in 2001. Pre-ordered the CD off Amazon the next day (this was before I was introduced to iTunes) and the rest is history.

15. "Voyager" (Daft Punk)
I don't keep track of it, but if I did, this track has been used most as a soundtrack for a day dream. Whether it was riding a Milwaukee County Bus or running around Lake Arlington

16. "Ready Steady Go" (Paul Oakenfold)
You may recognize this song from the Club Fever scene in Collateral.

17. "Weapon of Choice" (Fatboy Slim)
This artist had to appear on this mix somewhere - best option to be most widely accepted by the audience it's targeted. Song made famous by a dancing Christopher Walken in its music video.

18. "James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version)" (Moby)
Couldn't resist.

19. "Mission Impossible" (Lalo Schifrin)
The original theme song from the original TV show.

20. "Coliseum Finale" (Sean Callery)
In the season finale of Season Two, 24's Jack Bauer went completely apeshit on bad guys in the Los Angeles Coliseum. This track played in the background.

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