Thursday, March 22, 2007


He walked into the gym, for which he had been a member of less than one week, on Thursday night. A rather steady "every other day" strategy has been kept up for six days and three visits since his start at the facility. This made him very happy for the financial investment in this venture had no loop hole to escape; he was in it for the long haul.

Working out in a public place resulted in sacrifices for the young man:
No longer able to wear a headband while working out
Had to pay attention if his shirt and shorts, needless to say socks, matched
Unable to wear his favorite personal monitor device, as pictured here

However, the biggest concern finally reared itself Thursday evening.
Unfortunately, the pun was intended...

He knew that there is one constant characteristic of all "workout establishments." There was even confirmation of the phenomenon from friends who were also frequenters of this newly joined gym.

You see, for when he opened the door into the locker room he was immediately met my five-foot-nine inches of sheer two-hundred pound middle-aged nakedness. The only concession was that the man was pointed away and into the corner. He quickly redirected his eyes and started walking toward the far corner of the locker stations. Although neither made a communication of each other's presence - they both knew they were there... together...

"I sure hope my locker is on this side" he thought to himself as he made it to the other end of the lockers before looking for the number on his locker key. No luck there. Side stepping ever so closer to the apparel-less stranger he finally arrived at his locker. It will never be known just how close he was, or just how naked the other remained... questions such are those are best never known...

By the time he was done changing and ready for his 45 minutes of whatever cardio machine was available, the man had left the nearby area. He was not seen again... not yet at least....

But every time he knows that's a risk he'll have to take. A risk all men take when they workout. There will be naked men. They will not back down. Nor will they advance, but they are very proud. And they certainly won't put any damn clothes on. Not for you, not for themselves, not for anybody.

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