Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Selfish Post

In probably the most blogged about news bit to be posted this week:
Google reported that blogs have an average of one reader.

Now I was never very big headed about this here blog - but I was hoping that I could use a second hand to count my readers...

That being said, allow me to write about something that is really only of interest to me.
I wrote the last check to "Back to Bed" today. My Queen-Sized-Mattress is paid off in full. I own that piece of slumber equipment... It feels pretty nice. Not just the mattress itself, but the sense of satisfaction of having just one less creditor.

Next up on the debt hit-list - my iMac.

Then we're looking to get some more debt in 2008 with a new couch!
Yes, I used an exclamation point on purpose - but I'm supposedly the only one reading this anyways.

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