Monday, April 9, 2007

Of course, everything has a price

Homeownership has made me realize how naive I have been.
Yes, I knew things had a price... but this weekend I was met with a crap example.

I needed a new pillow. This is something I've never had to buy before. And I've always moved with my pillow (which of course my parents bought a long time ago).

It's sad, very sad, when you realize just how naive you can become. I had no clue how much a pillow costs - and of course the new pillow makes all the other pillows on my bed look like (and feel like) crap.

So I'm faced with having to buy another pillow... not to mention "pillow protectors" the kind of pillow prophylactic that must be slid over the pillow before insertion into the normal pillow case.

Worse that the realization of these things I''m going to buy - the fact that I'm waiting until the next inevitable BED BATH AND BEYOND coupon. A coupon that I will be using.

Introducing yourself to adulthood can be fun most times:
living on your own
total control over diet and entertainment
nobody over your shoulder, etc...

but other times:
it's buying a pillow
it's using coupons you used to automatically throw out
it's these kinds of conversations that can occupy your time.

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