Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Forgive the next Fortnight

I was summoned to the Des Plaines Public Library.

After living most of my life in a city with a poor excuse for a Library - the DPPL is treat within walking distance of my condo and it's still has that new car smell (it's less than five years old).

Finally, the 16 people on the list before me have had their turn, and now it is mine! I got the book today. I've only got it for 14 days, before it goes on to the 32* people on the list behind me
*figure as of 6 p.m. on Wednesday April 24, 2007 (I'm sure it'll increase exponentially once this is posted)

In an action I'm not that comfortable with, I'm putting down a different DPML loaned novel to concentrate on finishing this highly (to me) anticipated read. I can get through the 400 pages easily if I just avoid the following three items in the next fortnight

1. Full Tilt Poker
2. The Wire Season One
3. Writing new posts

With that - I'm off to waste no more time - See ya again after the final page.

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